Olga Saliampoukou is a visual sociologist and photographer who believes in the power of creative communities and the unbeatable senses candid pictures can create. She studied Social Policy at Panteion University and has a Master's in Clinical and Applied Sociology and Arts. 
As a freelance photographer, she chooses her projects and her collaborations with precision and responsibility so that through them, she can learn, be, and expose the truth of the moment. 
Simultaneously, using photography to advocate for social justice and human rights has changed her perspective on life. This painful and transitional process has evolved her work and expanded her horizons as a Greek photographer. 
She is passionate about capturing culture and arts, thus challenging and exploring the traditional boundaries and definitions of artistic expression. She always looks for creative ways to tackle current problems with the empowerment of a participatory, bottom-up approach together with innovative communities on the international stage. Her life and work are entangled in a beautiful and powerful journey toward self-development, expression, and exploration.